The most unusual entertainment in the world

Published:Mar 10, 202409:55
The most unusual entertainment in the world

People experience stress every day – some from work, some from cleaning the house, and some just from boredom. In this article we will talk about the most unusual entertainment from around the world. And if you want to ride and make money on entertainment – try roulette casino online.

1. Cheese race, England

For hundreds of years, the British have been holding the Cooperschild Cheese Race. Every year at the end of spring, hundreds of spectators gather to watch a 5kg round of Gloucester cheese being launched down a steep hill, with contestants running after it, trying to catch it. The winner gets fame and cheese. The race was repeatedly tried to be banned, as it is unsafe for health: there were cases when the competitors broke their arms, legs and ribs, and also received neck and back injuries. But the old tradition is still alive.

2. Pig Squeal Championship, France

The pig squealing championship is held as part of the famous pig festival in Tri-sur-Baize. It has existed since 1975 and also includes an exhibition of pigs and a competition for the best “pig” costume.

3. Mobile Phone Throwing Championship

The mobile phone throwing competition originated in Finland and is now one of the nationwide sports. The world record for throwing a mobile phone is 136 m. The throw is judged not only by distance, but also by artistry: the performance may include juggling or acrobatics. Similar championships are also held in Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries.

4. Buffalo Drawing Competition, China

An old Chinese legend says that once a tiger attacked a buffalo, and while they were fighting, the buffalo became covered in blood and mud and began to look so intimidating that the frightened tiger ran away. Since ancient times, locals have been painting animals in different colors, and this tradition has grown into a popular annual festival in Yunnan province. Dozens of teams from China, Vietnam, Laos and other countries participate in the competition for the best painted buffalo, and the prize fund is $15,000.

5. Chessboxing competitions

Chessboxing is a sport that combines elements of chess and boxing. The fight consists of 11 rounds: odd rounds are played at the chessboard, even rounds are played in the ring. The idea of this sport came from comics and was brought to life in 2003. Now chessboxing championships under the control of the World Chessboxing Organization (WCBO) are held all over the world. The motto of the organization is: “Battles take place in the ring, wars are fought on the board.”

6. Wet Monday, Poland

There is a long-standing custom of pouring water on each other as a sign of purification in many countries. In Poland, it has become the spring holiday Shmigus-dyngus, or Watering Monday. On this day, everyone takes to the streets and pour water on each other from plastic bottles, buckets and water guns and have fun with might and main.

7. Antics Championship, England

In the English county of Cumbria, grimacing is such an old tradition that no one remembers what year it began (even in 1852, local newspapers described this custom as “ancient”). Restrained British come off at this holiday with might and main, threading their heads into a horse harness and grimacing with all their might. The one who manages to make the most terrible face wins.

8. Fighting crying babies, Japan

The traditional Japanese festival “Naki sumo” (“Wrestling of crying babies”) has been held for 400 years. Every spring, in the city’s temples, children under the age of one “compete” in the volume of crying. During the match, two sumo wrestlers stand facing each other, holding the babies in their arms, and at the command of the judge, they begin to make frightening sounds and make grimaces in an attempt to make the children cry. If the child does not respond, the judge in the devil’s mask joins the intimidation. It is believed that the cry of an infant scares away evil spirits and the louder it is, the more power the gods gave to the child, the healthier he will be.

9. Carnival “Mardi Gras”, USA

The wildest of American carnivals, Mardi Gras is celebrated before the beginning of the Catholic Lent. Especially noisy festivities take place in New Orleans, where many tourists come. Participants dress up in colorful costumes and arrange a crowded theatrical procession, and the chosen “king” and “queen” of the holiday ride on a huge decorated platform with their “retinue” and present gifts to the crowd, scattering pewter coins, bright beads and other trinkets around.

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