India vs Hong Kong Reside Rating Asia Cup 2022: Bhuvneshwar will get Kinchit; HKG 5 down in 193 chase

Published:Mar 7, 202417:02
India vs Hong Kong Reside Rating Asia Cup 2022: Bhuvneshwar will get Kinchit; HKG 5 down in 193 chase

HKG 119/5 IN 18 OVERS

Bhuvneshwar comes again with the ball. OUT! Shah has to go because the ball shoots up as he lofts this slower ball over mid-off. Bishnoi pouches it on the rebound. McKechnie desires to reverse scoop the final ball of the over however misses it.

HKG 115/4 IN 17 OVERS

And what are we seeing right here? Virat Kohli has come on to bowl. Retains it on a size constantly and assaults the stumps. Tidy over - simply six runs from it.

HKG 109/4 IN 16 OVERS

Chahal comes again. Two half-hearted appeals for LBW in opposition to Zeeshan because the batter can not learn the googlies. India goes upstairs after the second is turned down. There's a spike as ball passes bat and India loses the evaluate. Two dots to finish the over.

HKG 106/4 IN 15 OVERS

Avesh comes around the stumps. Sluggish, dug into the pitch and Aizaz will get a prime edge on the pull that falls behind the keeper for a pair. Hundred up for Hong Kong in 14.3 overs. FOUR! Banged briefly, Aizaz pulls it simply out of attain of Suryakumar at midwicket and it runs away for 4 runs. OUT! Avesh lastly will get one. Off-cutter, Aizaz misses and Avesh hits! Zeeshan Ali is available in subsequent. Flicked the final ball of the over off his toes for a single.

HKG 98/3 IN 14 OVERS

Right here comes Arshdeep. FOUR! Width outdoors off and sliced behind level by Shah for 4 extra. The runs now flowing for Hong Kong and the Indian pacers have been off-colour at this time. That is slower, angling on the pads and punched down the bottom for a single. Arshdeep now drags his size again a bit and Aizaz will get a backside edge making an attempt to step out and hack throughout the road. That is outdoors off and Aizaz is overwhelmed comprehensively. Brief, into the physique and miscued pull by Aizaz to midiwicket for a single. Sluggish and brief and pulled by Shah to deep midwicket for yet one more.

HKG 91/3 IN 13 OVERS

Avesh is again into the assault. Shah slaps the primary one to deep level for a single. FOUR! Thick outdoors edge and the ball runs away behind the keeper a boundary. It was a size ball outdoors off and Aizaz went for the minimize. Good retort subsequent ball with a bouncer and Aizaz geese below it. Guided late to 3rd by Aizaz for yet one more. SIX! Width outdoors off and Shah clears the rope at deep level.

HKG 78/3 IN 12 OVERS

OUT! Jadeja will get the breakthrough lastly. Hayat swings outdoors off and will get a prime edge that's simply pouched by backward level. Aizaz Khan is available in and is off the mark off his first ball with a single. 4 singles after the first-ball wicket to this point. Dot to finish the over as he cramps Aizaz with a size ball that darts into the batter.

HKG 74/2 IN 11 OVERS

Chahal continues. Three singles to start out the over. Hayat steps out and swipes throughout the road however will get only a single at deep sq. leg. Half-volley on leg and Shah sweeps it behind sq. leg for a boundary.

HKG 65/2 IN 10 OVERS

Jadeja bowls this third. Hayat rocks again and pulls laborious however only a single at deep midwicket. Jadeja retains attacking the stumps, not giving a lot room to the batters to free their arms. One other tight over. Simply 4 runs from it.


Chahal darts it in on the pads and Hayat is unable to get the ball away and finally ends up enjoying two dot balls. Couple of singles after that. Shah performs a crisp sweep brief however to deep sq. leg for one. Simply three runs from it.


Jadeja again for his second over. Two dot balls to Hayat. He nearly chops on off the third as he stays again in his crease to defend. Flicked to deep midwicket for a single subsequent ball. Huge down leg to Shah and Jadeja is just not too proud of that decision as he thinks the batter acquired some pad on it. Two singles to finish the over.


Chahal into the assault. Kinchit Shah is the brand new batter. He troubles the left-hander Shah outdoors off along with his googlies. Shah lastly will get off the mark with a sweep that fetches him a single. Single for Hayat to finish the over.


Arshdeep returns. FOUR! Size on the legs and Hayat flicks it away to the fine-leg boundary. Dug into the pitch and Hayat flaps at it clumsily and misses. However the buzzer goes off and it's a no-ball. Free hit arising. Arshdeep Singh comes from around the wicket. FOUR! Hayat swings and pierces the hole between mid-on and midwicket to gather 4 on the free hit. Slower yorker and Hayat digs it out to mid-off and hares for a single. FOUR! Width outdoors off and Nizakat lofts this over additional cowl for one more boundary. Slower supply and flicked behind sq. for a single. Hayat drives down the bottom for a single and 50 up for Hong Kong. One other no-ball for overstepping and Arshdeep might want to reload that one. Steered by Nizakat to backward level and Jadeja results a superb direct-hit on the striker’s finish and the umpire goes as much as verify. OUT! And Nizakat has to go because the bat was on the road when Jadeja’s throw disturbed the stumps.


Avesh with the ball now. Begins off with a size ball on the stumps to Nizakat, who misses the flick. Hayat swings and misses outdoors off subsequent ball. SIX! Stand and ship as Hayat hammers the subsequent one over long-off for a most. FOUR! Within the slot on off stump and Hayat clears his entrance leg and crunches that by the covers for 4 extra. Thumped down the bottom to mid-on for only a single. Nizakat will get a backside edge making an attempt to chop the final ball. Twelve runs from the over.


Jadeja into the assault. Begins off on a size outdoors off. He then beats Nizakat with one which spins away. Jadeja retains it constantly on a size outdoors off and simply three runs come from the over.


Bhuvneshwar continues. Babar Hayat is in at quantity three. Nizakat steers this to 3rd for a single. Two dot balls to Hayat. This one nips into Hayat and raps him excessive on the thigh. SIX! Hayat hits this by the road and pummels this over the bowler’s head for a most. Slower one this outdoors off and Hayat misses making an attempt to play throughout the road.


Arshdeep Singh from the opposite finish. Two dot balls to start out the over. FOUR! Fortunate boundary for Murtaza as he will get a thick outdoors edge on the flick over backward level. Brief subsequent ball and Murtaza is late on the pull and doesn’t join nicely. FOUR! Size ball, straight and lofted over mid-on for one more boundary. OUT! Brief once more, couldn’t management the pull and Murtaza finally ends up skying this to Avesh at deep backward sq. leg.


The chase begins. Bhuvneshwar Kumar up with the brand new ball. Skipper Nizakat Khan and Yasin Murtaza are within the center for Hong Kong. Simply 4 runs from the over.

IND 192/2 IN 20 OVERS

Arshad to bowl the final over. SIX! Full toss outdoors off and Suryakumar slashes this over deep level for a most. SIX! What have you ever performed Surya? Takes an enormous stride outdoors off, stretches out to succeed in the ball and nonetheless manages to clear the off-side for a most. Fifty up for SKY in 22 balls. SIX! Three sixes in a row now for SKY as he hammers this one down the bottom. It went very excessive up and simply cleared the rope. Good comeback as this vast brief and vast and sluggish and beats Suryakumar this time. SIX! Fourth six within the over. Brief and vast and swivelled and pulled behind for a most. A few runs to finish the over and the innings. A whopping 26 runs from that final over, together with 4 sixes, and India ends with a commanding 192 for 2.

IND 166/2 IN 19 OVERS

A pair for Kohli and that’s his fifty off 40 balls. Two singles off the subsequent two balls. SIX! Kohli you magnificence! Will get down on one knee and slog sweeps this with disdain over deep midwicket for a most. Full-toss subsequent ball and slashed over additional cowl for 2 extra. Dot to finish the over.

IND 153/2 IN 18 OVERS

FOUR! Suryakumar makes room outdoors off and crunches this over covers for a boundary. FOUR! One other boundary subsequent ball as Suryakumar deftly dabs this behind the keeper. He misses the sweep subsequent ball however known as vast. This couldn’t have been shut as replays counsel that it went off his boot, which was in entrance of leg stump. One other enchantment now, for caught behind and stumping this time, as Suryakumar misses making an attempt to ramp this brief ball. SKY survives on each accounts. SIX! Suryakumar’s flourishing wrists in all their glory! Steps out only a bit and flicks this full one on the legs over the deep square-leg boundary. Two dot ballls to finish the over.

IND 138/2 IN 17 OVERS

Ehsan with the ball. Faster one and Kohli goes for the reverse-sweep and misses. Punched to long-on off the backfoot for a single. He strikes to 47. Yorker this one and Suryakumar solely manages an inside-edge onto his pads for a single. Kohli strikes to 48 with one other one. Ehsan yorks Suryakumar once more and that is pushed again to the bowler. One bye to finish the over.

IND 134/2 IN 16 OVERS

SIX! Kohli steps out and hammers this slot supply over deepmidwicket for a most. He runs this down to 3rd with an open face for a single. FOUR! Audacious batting by Suryakumar as he stays again and swipes to discover a boundary behind level. SIX! That is much more outrageous! Strikes away barely throughout the stumps and ramps this behind and over the ‘keeper for a most. Reduce away to deep level subsequent ball for a single. Kohli on strike - batting on 45. That is taking place leg aspect - known as vast. Pulled to midwicket for a single.

IND 114/2 IN 15 OVERS

Shukla again into the assault. Kohli punches the primary one straight to additional cowl. Punched away this time to long-on for a single with out a lot timing on it. Full on the legs and Suryakumar whips it away to sq. leg for yet one more. Tucked off his pads by Kohli for one more single behind sq. leg. FOUR! Suryakumar shuffles throughout the stumps, Shukla bowls a low full-toss down leg and Suryakumar sends that crashing to the fine-leg boundary. A horrible misfield provides him 4 runs.

IND 107/2 IN 14 OVERS

Murtaza bowls out. Suryakumar Yadav is the subsequent man in. FOUR! Surya goes for the sweep the primary ball he faces and sends it to the boundary behind sq. leg for 4 runs. FOUR! This sweep is finer and in addition races to the boundary. Again-to-back fours for Suryakumar. Shortens his size and Suryakumar whips it away to long-on for a pair.

IND 94/2 IN 13 OVERS

Ghazanfar continues. SIX! Two singles later Kohli will get low and slog sweeps this over deep midwicket for a most. OUT! Rahul’s agony involves an finish. He additionally goes for the slog sweep, most likely making an attempt to emulate Kohli, and the ball bounces a bit greater than anticipated and takes the highest edge to the keeper.

IND 85/1 IN 12 OVERS

Kohli goes after Murtaza now. Steps out however solely manages to sky this in need of deep midwicket for a single. Rahul shuffles throughout the stumps and paddles sweeps this behind the stumps for a pair. Rahul now comes down the monitor however will get only one at long-on. Rahul goes for the reverse-sweep however misses and there's a half-hearted shout for LBW however not given.

IND 80/1 IN 11 OVERS

Ghazanfar, one other spinner comes on to bowl. Kohli steps down the monitor, the bowler misses a dropped probability and he gather a pair. FOUR! He join nicely this time, stepping out once more and this 4 down the bottom. Kohli rocks again and pulls to deep midwicket for a single off the final ball of the over.

IND 70/1 IN 10 OVERS

Murtaza to proceed. Kohli steps out and cuts it straight to additional cowl. Single at midwicket subsequent ball. Miscued shot from Rahul as he doesn’t time this in any respect, dragging a brief one from vast outdoors off to long-on. Kohli takes yet one more subsequent ball. One other tight over and simply 4 singles from it.


Kohli is unable to place this size ball on the pads away and the ball brushes his pad. Kohli hacks throughout the road and will get a single at deep midwicket. SIX! Full and straight and Rahul smokes this over deep midwicket for a most. Simply a few runs from the final three balls of the over.


Left-arm spinner Yasim Murtaza with the ball now. Simply three runs off the primary three ball. Rahul cuts one off the backfoot and between cowl and level however some good fielding within the deep retains it to simply a few runs. Murtaza holding it very sluggish and giving the batters little tempo to work with.


Pacer Aizaz Khan now comes with the ball after the PowerPlay. Kohli begins off with a single at long-on. Aizaz goes down leg subsequent ball; vast ball known as. Rahul and Kohli dealing in singles right here. Kohli shimmies down the monitor and flicks one to deep midwicket for a single. Rahul residing dangerously right here. He will get a prime edge on the pull and it goes excessive up and falls vast of deep third for a single. Pushed away by Kohli for a few runs subsequent ball. Kohli desires a second off the final ball however Rahul sends him again.


Ehsan into his third over. Kohli presses ahead and drives by covers for a single. Punched for a single at long-on subsequent ball by Rahul. Kohli whips this fullish ball to long-on for yet one more. Two singles to finish the over. Rahul was in hassle off the fifth ball when acquired a thick outdoors edge making an attempt to push by covers.


Shukla continues. Rahul punches off the backfoot however finds the duvet fielder with pinpoint accuracy. Dot ball. Rahul will get off strike with a single off the third ball of the over, opening the face of the bat for a single at third man. FOUR! Slot supply, straight and Rohit backs away outdoors leg and thumps it down the bottom for a one-bounce 4. OUT! Rohit is gone subsequent ball. Rohit is undone by the shortage of tempo. It's a good size supply simply outdoors off and he will get it excessive off the bat and skies a catch to a diving mid-off fielder. Kohli prods the ball tentatively down the bottom and collects a single.


Ehsan Khan into the assault along with his off-spin. Two singles to start out the over. Good over from Ehsan as simply 5 runs come from it. He bowls it on the shorter aspect to make sure the batters don’t get below the ball. Rohit miscues a sweep off the final ball to brief fine-leg.


SIX! Rohit cuts free! Steps down the monitor, will get to the pitch of the ball and smokes it over long-on for a most. Fullish and flicked to midwicket for a single. Full, angling down leg and Rahul clips it off his toes to fine-leg for a pair. The buzzer goes off and it's a front-foot no-ball too from Arshad. What was that? The ball appears to have popped out of the bowler’s hand and it's vast and excessive. No-ball known as for peak. Free-hit continues. SIX! Good-length ball and Rahul spanks this for a most over the midwicket fence. Full on the toes once more and tucked away for yet one more behind sq. on the leg-side for Rahul. FOUR! Rohit ends the over with one other boundary and it's a 22-run over.


Ayush Shukla from the opposite finish. Rohit cuts this size ball between cowl and level for a single. On the cash subsequent ball and Rahul is pressured to defend on the entrance foot. A little bit of an inside edge and guided again to the bowler by Rahul subsequent ball. Three dot balls as Rahul punches this straight to cowl. 4 dots in a row now. Defended once more and this additionally takes a little bit of his inside edge. Only one run from the over. Rahul batting on 2 off 9 balls.


Haroon Arshad has the brand new ball. Fullish and straight first ball and KL Rahul will get behind the road and defends it again to the bowler. Arshad follows it up with a large down leg. Rahul punches the third ball to cowl and is but to get off the mark. Rahul steers this size ball to 3rd man for a single and is lastly off the mark on this match. A little bit of in-swing, happening leg and Rohit flicks it to deep sq. for yet one more. Rahul hops and tucks this to brief advantageous for one more single. Rohit retains strike with a single off the final ball, clipping one off his toes to sq. leg.

Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul are out to open the innings for India. Hong Kong gamers performed with the huddle.

7:24 IST: The groups file out for the nationwide anthems. Hong Kong’s first up. Carried out with the anthems. Reside motion quickly.

INDIA PLAYING XI: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Avesh Khan, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh.

HONG KONG PLAYING XI: Nizakat Khan (c), Yasim Murtaza, Babar Hayat, Kinchit Shah, Aizaz Khan, Scott McKechnie (wk), Zeeshan Ali, Haroon Arshad, Ehsan Khan, Ayush Shukla, Mohammad Ghazanfar.

Rohit Sharma: We had been going to bowl first as nicely. Appears like a good masking of grass and we have to bat nicely to get to a great rating. We simply need to proceed to do what we're doing as a group. We don’t need to have a look at the opposition and play good and laborious cricket. We have to do our fundamentals proper, which is what acquired us a victory in opposition to Pakistan. One change: Hardik is rested, contemplating how essential he's for us. Pant is available in.

Nizakat Khan: We're going to bowl first. In Oman, we chased down nicely and that's what we wish to do. The final time we performed India, it was a great sport and we all know we did some errors and need to be sure we capitalise on that. We've the identical group we performed in opposition to UAE.

TOSS: Hong Kong wins the toss and elects to bowl. Rishabh Pant replaces Hardik Pandya in India’s Enjoying XI.

Howdy and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE protection of the Asia Cup 2022 match between India and Hong Kong from the Dubai Worldwide Cricket Stadium in Dubai on Wednesday.

6:46 PM IST

Deepak Hooda and Ravi Bishnoi are practising on the venue forward of the sport. Any adjustments arising?

6:42 PM IST

A brand new pitch awaits the India vs Hong Kong match at this time in Dubai

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India Predicted XI: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Deepak Hooda, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh.

Hong Kong Predicted XI: Nizakat Khan (c), Yasim Murtaza, Babar Hayat, Kinchit Shah, Aizaz Khan, Scott McKechnie (wk), Zeeshan Ali, Haroon Arshad, Ehsan Khan, Mohammad Ghazanfar, Ayush Shukla.

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Wicketkeeper: Scott McKechnie

Batters: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma (vc), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Babar Hayat

All-rounders: Hardik Pandya, Yasim Murtaza

Bowlers: Bhuvneshwar Kumar (c), Yuzvendra Chahal, Ehsan Khan, Aryan Shukla

Group Composition: IND 6:5 HK; Credit Left: 0.5


Going by what unfurled the earlier time the 2 groups met, India can count on Hong Kong to return out preventing of their Asia Cup Group A conflict in Dubai on Wednesday.

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It was within the 2018 Asia Cup, performed within the ODI format, the place India survived a scare from the minnow. Chasing 286, Hong Kong openers Nizakat Khan and Anshuman Rath placed on a wonderful 174-run stand to set the cat among the many pigeons. It was solely inexperience that pulled Hong Kong down, permitting India to flee with a 26-run victory.

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India, having edged out Pakistan on Sunday, will look to complete its group stage marketing campaign with an enormous win.


INDIA: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul (vc), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, Rishabh Pant (wk), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, R. Ashwin, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravi Bishnoi, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Arshdeep Singh, Avesh Khan. Standby Gamers: Axar Patel, Deepak Chahar, Shreyas Iyer.

HONG KONG: Yasim Murtaza, Nizakat Khan(c), Babar Hayat, Kinchit Shah, Aizaz Khan, Scott McKechnie(w), Zeeshan Ali, Haroon Arshad, Ehsan Khan, Mohammad Ghazanfar, Ayush Shukla, Wajid Shah, Aftab Hussain, Dhananjay Rao, Mohammad Waheed, Ahan Trivedi, Ateeq Iqbal.


The India vs Hong Kong Asia Cup 2022 match shall be telecast LIVE on the  Star Sports activities Community on August 31, 2022. The match will even be LIVE streamed on Disney+Hotstar.

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