How to Get the Best Bonuses for Cricket Betting in India

Published:Mar 7, 202422:00
How to Get the Best Bonuses for Cricket Betting in India
Online Betting Sites

What Are Bonuses on Online Betting Sites?

One of the great advantages of online betting cricket is bonuses. Nowadays it is quite a simple practice for online betting sites to offer their new players a welcome bonus. Everything they need to do is complete registration, make their first deposit, and claim a reward. Some popular sportsbooks also have promos and bonuses for their active and VIP users!

Types of Bonuses

Due to the variety of players betting exchanges usually have different types of bonuses that users can claim. Here are some of the most popular of them.

  • Deposit bonus. This type is usually for first-time users.
  • Cashback. This promo is a regular one, that every player can claim.
  • Free bets. Free bets are a popular type of bonus for new users.
  • Reload bonus. This promo is like a deposit bonus for users, who have already made their first deposit.

And now let's consider each type separately and in detail!

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular types of promos you can claim almost on every big sportsbook site! This bonus can usually be claimed only by players, who registered for the first time. It can be a fixed amount of money or a percentage of your deposit. Usually, sites offer from 100% to 250% of your deposit as a bonus. For example, your deposit was ₹2.000 and the site offers a 200% welcome deposit bonus for new players, so you will have an additional ₹4.000 for free to start betting. That is how the deposit bonus works!


This bonus works as cashback from the bet you have lost. Some betting companies offer their players to get back some part of the money, that they have lost on a bet. The percentage of cashback may vary from site to site. For example, if your bet was ₹1.000 and you have lost, then you will receive ₹100 as a 10% cashback bonus!

Free Bets

A lot of popular betting sites may give new users a chance to bet without a deposit. A free bet is usually some fixed amount of money the site gives to a player to make a bet. If the bet is lost, then the player doesn’t lose anything. But if he wins, he can keep all money for himself and future bets!

Reload Bonus

This type is quite similar to a deposit bonus but for active players. For example, you have already claimed your welcome bonus and decided to deposit some more money for future bets. In this case, you can have a reload bonus! 

How Can Bonuses Be Claimed?

Actually, everything here is simple! Most of the sites will offer you to claim your welcome bonus immediately after registration and the first deposit. If we talk about the free bet type of bonus, you just need to complete your registration and you will be able to make your first bet the same day! Reload and Cashback bonuses can be claimed after your first bet or second deposit! If you have already chosen on which site you want to bet, check out for bonuses you can get and what are the terms to do that!

Where Can You Claim Bonuses for Online Betting Cricket?

So, we have reviewed the most popular types of bonuses, and now let's find out where you can easily get a bonus! Here are some popular gambling sites and their promos!


The welcome deposit bonus on Betway is 100% of your first deposit. It can be up to ₹2.500! For example, your first deposit was ₹500 and you will get another ₹500 as a bonus. It can really help new gamblers to start betting online!

Betway also has a special bonus program connected with IPL! It consists of cashback and free bets at the same time. Everything you need to do is to make your ₹250 on a pre-match of IPL and you will receive this money back as a free bet. Your ₹250 will also come back if you lose your bet, but the last ball was a boundary!


This platform offers new players a great variety of bonuses they can claim. For example, they have 500% on the first deposit. Everything you need to do is to make up to ₹16.900 first deposit and get 500% of it as a bonus! It also has an express bonus system for multi-bets. If you bet on 5 or more events, you can receive a percentage of the money you win in addition!

This sportsbook has daily and weekly leaderboards. The system here is simple. The more and bigger bets you make – the higher will be your position on the leaderboard!

1Win also has a cashback system which will be activated immediately after fulfilling the conditions which you can find on the official site!


This sportsbook offers its new users receive 100% bonus from their first deposit and it can be up to ₹20.000! But first, you need to fully complete your registration and verify your account. Also, the amount of bonus must be wagered 5 times in bets. And each accumulator bet must include at least 3 events.


1xBet has one of the most interesting bonus systems. Firstly it consists of the first deposit bonus, which will be 100% of your deposit and can be up to ₹10.000! To claim a reward you need to complete your registration, verify your account, and then activate your welcome bonus.

1xBet also has some special promos and bonuses. For example Birthday bonus or a 1xBet bonus for a series of losings. It also has some special promos for betting via their Telegram. There are some more special bonuses you can explore on their official site!


On this online betting exchange only new players can claim their bonus. As usual, you need to create an account, complete registration and verify your account. Welcome bonus here is 15% of an eligible bet amount, which can be up to ₹4.000, to claim it you need to make a deposit minimum of ₹400! You also need to make bets with odds higher or at least 1.2.

Why Are Bonus Programs Such a Good Advantage of Online Betting?

First of all welcome bonuses and promos can help new players enter online gambling. By giving extra money or free bets online sportsbooks provide their new users with additional resources they need to explore the features of online gambling! Bonuses and promos sometimes can save you money after a lost bet, which will help you to recover. 

The variety of bonus programs is really amazing and that is how betting companies can greet new players and reward the loyalty of their constant clients! 

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