FINA World Championship 2022: All you have to know, schedule, timings

Published:Mar 9, 202409:26
FINA World Championship 2022: All you have to know, schedule, timings

The nineteenth FINA World Championship is to happen in Budapest from June 18 to July 3, 2022. With the event being cancelled twice in lieu of the Olympics and the pandemic, it will be fascinating to see the world's finest compete in opposition to one another within the massive stage.

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This is all you have to know in regards to the swimming occasion on the World Championship 2022 that begins from June 18 on the Duna Enviornment.

Indians Collaborating-


Sajan Prakash- 100m, 200m butterfly

Kushagra Rawat- 400m, 800m freestyle


Ridhima Veerendra Kumar- 100m, 200m backstroke

Kenisha Gupta- 50m, 100m freestyle

Schedule (Finals)

SNOccasionDate (IST)Time (IST)
1Males’s 400m freestyle18 June9:33 pm
2Girls’s 400m freestyle18 June10:18 pm
3Males’s 400m Particular person Medley18 June10:55 pm
4Males’s 4X100m Freestyle Relay18 June11:06 pm
5Girls’s 4X100m Freestyle Relay18 June11:17 pm
6Males’s 100m Breaststroke19 June9:32 pm
7Girls’s 100m Butterfly19 June9:40 pm
8Males’s 50m Butterfly19 June10:18 pm
9Girls’s 200m Particular person Medley19 June10:57 pm
10Males’s 200m Freestyle20 June9:32 pm
11Girls’s 1500m Freestyle20 June9:41 pm
12Girls’s 100m Backstroke20 June10:21 pm
13Males’s 100m Backstroke20 June10:30 pm
14Girls’s 100m Breaststroke20 June11:18 pm
15Males’s 800m Freestyle21 June9:32 pm
16Girls’s 200m Freestyle21 June9:47 pm
17Males’s 200m Butterfly21 June10:24 pm
18Males’s 50m Breaststroke21 June10:41 pm
19Combined 4×100m Medley Relay21 June11:22 pm
20Girls’s 200m Butterfly22 June9:32 pm
21Males’s 100m Freestyle22 June9:52 pm
22Girls’s 50m Backstroke22 June10:00 pm
23Males’s 200m Particular person Medley22 June10:36 pm
24Girls’s 4X200m Freestyle Relay22 June11:20 pm
25Girls’s100m Freestyle23 June9:32 pm
26Girls’s 200m Breaststroke23 June10:22 pm
27Males’s 200m Backstroke23 June10:31 pm
28Males’s 200m Breaststroke23 June10:58 pm
29Males’s 4X200m Freestyle Relay23 June11:07 pm
30Girls’s 800m Freestyle24 June10:56 pm
31Girls’s 50m Butterfly24 June9:32 pm
32Males’s 50m Freestyle24 June9:39 pm
33Males’s 100m Butterfly24 June10:14 pm
34Girls’s 200m Backstroke24 June10:23 pm
35Combined 4X100m Freestyle Relay24 June11:19 pm
36Girls’s 400m Particular person Medley25 June9:32 pm
37Males’s 50m Backstroke25 June9:39 pm
38Girls’s 50m Breaststroke25 June9:47 pm
39Males’s 1500m Freestyle25 June10:17 pm
40Girls’s 50m Freestyle25 June10:31 pm
41Males’s 4X100m Medley Relay25 June10:50 pm
42Girls’s 4X100m Medley Relay25 June11:08 pm

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