Greatest Legend Mixtures in Apex Legends Season 14

Published:Mar 8, 202416:49

Apex Legends Season 14 introduced a lot of Legend buffs, nerfs and weapon adjustments. Whereas the Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Caustic trio dominated ALGS this 12 months, Season 14 has given rise to new offensive and defensive combos. The rising recognition of Seer has made him a staple in a number of professional participant workforce comps whereas Newcastle’s abysmal decide price has picked up this season with a brand new defensive comp. Mad Maggie has additionally benefitted from her buffs and is exhibiting up with Horizon in excessive rank Apex video games. Caustic and Gibraltar are notably absent from excessive degree play this season. Let’s have a look at among the greatest legend combos in Apex Legends Season 14.

Greatest Legend Mixtures in Apex Legends Season 14

1. Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon

The Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon trio is already fairly fashionable amongst professional groups. Groups are broadly utilizing them in latest minor tournaments and we’ll most definitely see this mixture function closely within the upcoming . What makes this trio so overpowered within the present meta is the quantity of offense they bring about to the desk. As Raynday Gaming places it, “no quantity of protection can really cope with it”.

The mixture of excessive floor benefit, disruption and mobility this Legend trio brings to the desk beats most defensive compositions at the moment being performed. Seer’s tactical can be utilized to negate talents like Gibraltar’s bubble in addition to interrupt enemy heals and revives whereas Horizon’s tactical and Valkyrie’s passive lets them get to excessive floor at any time when they need. This excessive floor benefit additionally beats defensive ultimates like Newcastle’s Citadel Wall and retains them out of space of impact zone ults like Caustic’s Nox Fuel Lure. As an added bonus, Valkyrie’s final helps the trio rotate simply throughout the map. Seer and Valkyrie each assist sniff out enemies each out and in of canopy with their passives and ultimates.

2. Valkyrie-Newcastle-Wattson

Valkyrie, Newcastle, Wattson lineup can be rising as a well-liked defensive trio, particularly with the Newcastle buff. Wattson’s Interception Pylon can negate Horizon’s final, Valkyrie’s tactical and any and all ordnances thrown at her workforce. The Pylon can be protected by Newcastle’s Citadel Wall, which forces groups to decide on between ammo preservation and bringing it down. Newcastle’s Citadel Wall might be fortified additional with Wattson’s fences, deterring gamers from approaching it. Newcastle additionally offers wonderful cowl for Valkyrie to ult her workforce away from hazard. Each his tactical and supreme buys the Valkyrie time to arrange and execute Skyward Dive.

3. Horizon-Pathfinder-Valkyrie

The squad synergy between this trio is de facto good, with all three legends having a strategy to achieve excessive floor. Whereas Horizon helps her complete workforce achieve excessive floor along with her tactical, Valkyrie and Pathfinder’s tacticals may also help them reposition rapidly and get new angles in a combat. Pathfinder and Valkyrie’s ultimates additionally assist them cowl nice distances and rotate incessantly throughout the map. They'll additionally cowl for one another’s downtimes; since Valkyrie has a 3 minute final cooldown, Pathfinder can fill in together with his final, which might be refreshed even faster if he finds a survey beacon.

4. Bloodhound-Mad Maggie-Horizon

One other sturdy aggressive composition, all three of their ultimates have nice synergy. Bloodhound advantages from the additional motion velocity Maggie’s Wrecking Ball offers on prime of the already elevated velocity they get from Beast of the Hunt. Their frequent scans additionally assist the entire workforce preserve tabs on the enemy whereas Horizon can collect enemies collectively along with her final to arrange for Wrecking Ball. Regardless of nerfs to Horizon’s final this season, if pulled off accurately, this wombo combo might be devastating. Bloodhound might be swapped with Seer on this workforce comp, relying on participant desire.

5. Rampart-Fuse-Vantage

An overload of firepower, this workforce composition is designed for lengthy vary mayhem. Vantage helps scout gamers from a distance and tags them along with her final Sniper's Mark. Following that, Rampart and Fuse rain down bullets and grenades from afar to do additional injury to enemies caught out within the open. In the meantime, Rampart’s tactical is nice for establishing cowl for the workforce. If Sheila wasn’t sufficient, Fuse can rain down fireplace on enemies with the Motherlode. This comp is nice for some informal enjoyable in pubs.

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