Apex Legends Followers Assume Kraber Nerf Was a 'Mistake'

Published:Mar 8, 202416:37
Apex Legends Followers Assume Kraber Nerf Was a 'Mistake'

Apex Legends gamers have had a full season to let the Kraber nerf sink in after it went dwell final season. The gun’s Headshot multiplier went down from 3.0 to 2.0 whereas its harm was decreased from 145 to 140 throughout Apex Legends Season 13. Since then some gamers have been sad with the Kraber nerfs.

The Kraber is likely one of the deadliest sniper rifles and has been a staple of the Apex Legends weapon roster. The Kraber has at all times been a particular discover, solely restricted to care packages. Nevertheless, in line with Reddit user GhostxFiller, “It is ineffective. There isn't any level in taking it. The one factor that is modified is the harm”. The gun’s downsides of restricted ammo, sluggish reload fee and a particularly loud gunshot had been compensated for by its capability to take down enemies with one shot. In response to GhostxFiller, “Beforehand, in case you had been killed by a Kraber, it meant the individual utilizing it was good, and also you had been killed by a talented participant."

Other than the nerfs to the sniper rifle, each the Blue and Purple Helmets had their harm discount elevated in season 13, which means gamers with these helmets at the moment are taking much less harm. Given the harm discount and the Kraber nerf, it now takes two pictures throughout most physique protect and helmet mixtures to down enemies. This sentiment is echoed in GhostxFiller’s publish once they say, “Now in case you get killed by a Kraber, it is totally on you for being a straightforward goal. In case you get hit twice consecutively, you could reassess since you managed to be slower than somebody racking one other bullet and firing at you a second time”.

Whereas some responses agreed with GhostxFiller, others defended the nerfs. Person WattsonIsQueen responded by saying, “in a shooter any gun that could be a 1 shot kill is a foul gun. I don’t suppose it’s wholesome and balanced. The Kraber nonetheless does a ton of injury”.

The Kraber has at all times been a slightly controversial sniper rifle. Given its earlier one shot, one kill nature, there was little or no counterplay to the gun, particularly at a professional stage. Nevertheless, it looks as if a welcome change to some informal gamers because the nerfs imply groups have time to protect or heal up and strategize in opposition to it. As ComprehensiveBeach45 put it,“it sucks to play a 10-15 minute recreation to lose to 1 bullet, typically from a 3rd occasion. So the advantage of not dying a irritating loss of life outweighs the satisfaction of 1 hit killing somebody."

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