Alice In Borderland Season 2 – Everything You Want To Know!

Published:Mar 11, 202410:48
Alice In Borderland Season 2 – Everything You Want To Know!

Alice In Borderland Season 2 this series is all into the brains of people very much and everyone is so tensed about the releasing of the second season of the series.

Alice In Borderland Season 2The series “Alice In Borderland” is the Japanese series and the Netflix has given us the green signa for the revival of the second season of the Japanese series.

This is the native Netflix live action series which has started its debut at the conclusion of the year 2020, and the series will be getting back for its second season which is mostly expected to be coming back in the month of December 2022.

Here are a few details regarding the Japanese Series:

“Alice In Borderland” the series which is from the manga series where it was from the author Hara Aso.

The story is scripted by Yasuko Kuramitsu and the person behind the direction is Shinsuke Sato.

The Revival Status of Alice In Borderland Season 2

As the debut of the series “Alice In Borderland” happened and then immediately after two weeks of its release the reviving for the second season of “Alice In Borderland” has been announced by Netflix and this was announced as the early Christmas present.

And the announcements was given by Netflix from several social media accounts all over the world.

How Was The Performance Of The Season 1 

For the first season of Netflix 18 million households has watched the series and this record has happened in the 28 days of the release of the series.

The data which was collected by FlixPatrol says that the season 1 has worked so well in the countries are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

And in the most parts of Asia it spent a lot of days and also in Canada for 4 days.

USA did not see this  season 1 of “Alice In Borderland” premiere.

The Cast Of Alice In Borderland Season 2

  • Tomohisa Yamashita playing Kyuuma Ginji
  • Yuri Tsunematsu playing Akane Heiya
  • Isomura Hayato playing Sunato Banda
  • Inowaki Kai playing Enji Matsushita
  • Maiguma Katsuya playing Oki Yaba
  • Sato Honami playing Kotoko Shiga

When Will Be The Second Season Of Netflix Will Be Coming?

In the month of November 2021, there happened a Netflix Festival Japan and there was the actual thing about the announcement of the second season of “Alice In Borderland” happened coming in the month of December 2022.

These are the details regarding the season 2 of “Alice in Borderland” series and the details are all you want!

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